Post-cycle therapy

Post-cycle therapy after steroids is a complex of drugs and procedures necessary to maintain the body after taking anabolic steroids. A well-designed PCT will allow “chemists” to to some extent avoid the negative consequences of taking anabolic steroids and minimize side effects. Let's talk about this.

How to choose the right PCT

All "chemists", one way or another, need a recovery procedure. But you need to select it individually, since there is no single scheme for everyone, Post cycle therapy although in general they are similar. 

Everyone used different steroids, and possibly a whole range of them, and different dosages - so the consequences for everyone will be different. Therefore, you should think about how best to carry out PCT specifically in your case, and we will try to help you with the necessary information.

A prerequisite for everyone is that the restoration of the body should begin not earlier than the end of the action of androgens. It should also be remembered that any anabolic is a modified synthetic testosterone, and therefore most of the side effects will be associated precisely with violations of its production. 

And PCT ("Post cycle therapy" in English) is needed for the most part precisely to normalize the natural production of this hormone, and everything else is already secondary. Consider PCT after some famous androgens.